ARS Progetti

Ars Progetti

ARS Progetti, Ambiente Risorse e Sviluppo (Environment, Resources and Development) is an international consulting firm and think-tank addressing interconnected elements of human development. Established in 1992, following the gradual evolution of previous firms and associations, ARS Progetti is founded on an ethos, dating back to the 70s, that considers cultural specificity as an asset to human development. Culture, therefore, is a fundamental element within our system-based approach to our projects, whereby the “system” includes and focuses on culture, nature and socio-economic organisation. We consider ourselves an open laboratory, within which innovative ideas are identified, developed and put into practice. Our ideas, the raw material, originate from the international scientific community within which we belong, while the engineering process, the how-to, is of our own creation and based on over 30 years of international, intercultural experience.

Our clients predominantly include public institutions and international development organisations. Increasingly, we have worked as well with the private sector due to its growing and important role in the management of public interest activities.

We engage in projects and assignments through participation in national and international tenders for consulting services and/or direct negotiation.

In order to ensure a systematic and organized work process, ARS PROGETTI uses a Knowledge Sharing Platform, designed and implemented by DEV4U.

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